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Here is a comic I made for the newest issue of Broken Pencil Magazine (#60, summer 2013). 

Note: I ignored most of my own advice to get this thing done. 

Update: I cross-posted this to my regular blog so that it’s a readable size, and not that crappy, microscopic tumblr size. 

This is a much healthier approach to making a career in comics than my patented “work 40 hours a week and try to maintain a social life while ALSO working on making a career in comics” approach.

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facts that cannot be disputed

  • ur cute as heck
  • ur very important
  • ur laugh is really cute oh my god
  • ur a perfect version of yourself

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Alright. Theme is mostly worked out, save for the description. My blog is not beautiful enough for this theme, but I’m in love!

Don’t go on my blog for a second, I’m changing my theme because my cousin found a super rad and adorable one that I’m dying!

I’m really scared, because I need to cut out the hanging panels of Colette’s dress, and I’m SUPER SCARED

Because if I mess up, I’m gonna have to buy a LOT of fabric to remake them


date someone who uses their turn signal

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ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

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